The Ten Greatest Vegetarian Restaurants In San Antonio

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Notable Vegetarian Eating Places

For those accustomed to bold flavors, the preparations can at first seem understated to a fault. But with each jewel-like course, the meal emerges as an clever meditation on simplicity and seasonality. Even with latest renovations giving the space a facelift, Buddha Bodai remains one of New York’s most important vegetarian and vegan-friendly eating destinations. Chef Dong has been doling out incredibly convincing plant-based versions of peking duck, turnip cake and vegetarian sesame chicken for over 45 years.


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At this vegetarian, gluten-free pop-up, Jorge Rico and Dominique Rodriguez discover how seemingly simple ingredients could be layered to create advanced plates — like home-made buckwheat noodles with oyster mushrooms, broccolini, calabrian chili, and walnuts. The gluten-free menu rotates, however you possibly can all the time look forward to finding a dip, a soup, a salad, and a couple entrees, along with Rawdacious cheesecakes for dessert. Raiz pop-ups at Tiny Moreso in Northeast Portland every two weeks. Chinese food is normally a secure guess for vegetarians—simply keep an eye fixed out for animal byproducts like fish sauce.

This small, but colorful vegan Mexican spot at the assembly level for Two Bridges, the Lower East Side and Chinatown could simply be cast off as somewhere where gaggles of Instagram influencers hangout. But the meals can back it up, with creative plant-based spins on Mexican favorites. There’s a “chorizo” burrito made with cauliflower rice, rainbow chard bowl with vegan cotija and crispy chayote fish taco made with a seafood-substitute. The sparse, hushed inside suggests a reverence for nature that is also expressed in the meals.

Bread-loving Belgian megachain Le Pain Quotidien is behind this apothecary-inspired wine bar, a sister to the Ghent, Belgium original. From a marble countertop—mounted to resemble a 19th-century pharmacy—lab coat-clad bar employees pour unfiltered, biodynamic wines curated by Le Pain Quotidien founder Alain Coumont. The meals menu is equally natural and boasts no animal products. Instead anticipate chefly “prescriptions” such as the Tibetan Mama (brown rice, steamed greens and spicy kimchi in a peanut-curry sauce).